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Sportsbook applications
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Simple and lightning-fast player interface

Game focused. Easy and intuitive. International friendly.

BOOKIE Sportsbook software offers a uniquely tailored, comprehensive front-end interface for each customer, designed to be simple and flexible so your players can stay focused on the game. Works great for both local and global markets.

Clean and simple GUI designed in the best online sport betting traditions

With attention to detail, our flawlessly structured interface will serve your players efficiently. Thoroughly tested in high-bet frequency environments, our bookmaker software can be clustered dynamically to support a virtually unlimited customer base.

Enhance the tension with ultra-fast live in-play betting area

The BOOKIE Sportsbook software environment runs purely on AJAX with no Flash for superior interactive entertainment. Real-time odds and live score highlights engage your players in powerful new ways. With innovative fourfold security architecture, it is highly resistant to illicit trading strategies.

Thorough account management for seamless wagering experience

Insuring self-exclusion statuses, security reports, financial breakdown, real-time betting history, announcement boards, and dozens of other features power our stellar account management area to give your players peace of mind.

General features

BOOKIE Sportsbook software is focused on your customers just as much as you are. Every new Sportsbook we launch comes with a strong international support:

  • Multiple language support with 10 completed translations
  • Multiple currency support (all currencies supported)
  • All odds formats supported (American, Decimal, Malay, Hong Kong)

All major sports betting markets covered

Go beyond traditional wagering with lucrative profit-makers

  • 3-Way Match Bet
  • 2-Way Match Bet
  • Handicap
  • European 3-Way Handicap
  • Over / Under
  • Asian Handicap
  • Asian Over / Under
  • Correct Score
  • First Team to Score
  • Last Team to Score
  • Goal / No Goal
  • Score / No Score by Team
  • Half-time / Full-time
  • Odd / Even Goal
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • Home TeamOver/Under
  • Away TeamOver/Under
  • Outright

Agent management and marketing tools

BOOKIE spent 5 years in close collaboration with bookies and agents from all over the world. We combined all that insight into a powerful agent system, which is now available in three editions:

Your complete Sportsbook software toolkit for sales success:

Asian MLM

Fully-featured based on the industry standard


Use a social aspect to build a loyal customer base

Price Per Head

We bring years of experience in the Price Per Head industry

Give your partners access to industry-leading player values.

Optimize delivery of your ad campaigns with real-time prioritization and reporting, guaranteed. Analyze your promotional campaigns and offer the best to your partners. Use geographic and language targeting to maximize returns from your affiliate traffic.

Boost signups like never before with effective promotional incentives.

BOOKIE Sportsbook software has all the features you need to grow your revenue: signup and deposit bonuses, free bets, coupons and more. With quality dashboards you get a clean, current, accurate picture of ROI from each source.

Time-proven features for cost-effective brand management:

  • Line exports Feed your odds and live scores to partner sites and odds comparison services
  • Feature events Choose the most exciting event moments for immediate inclusion in yours and partners’ media materials
  • Promo codes Generate and export promotional signup codes for your ad campaigns

Risk-free Sportsbook software

BOOKIE can take all the risk out of your operation. It's an innovative risk management solution integrated with major industry players to hedge your player bets.

Risk-free profit for the bookmaker – How does it work?

For more information, please contact our sales team.

Sportsbook software risk management

The BOOKIE Sportsbook software risk management system is second to none that delivers amazing results. We have worldwide experience and extensive knowledge of proven methodologies to power your service with the most robust technology for maximum security of your business.

Real-time events liability for accurate a priori probability calculation and what-if modeling

Market dynamics analysis gives you secure and fully-fledged trading. Optimized and highly redundant in course of loading spikes, our sportsbook platform keeps you informed on all movements. Integrated tools allow records to be filtered by league and sport.

Maintain event and market budgeting synchronized with live movements

Define your exit signals by event, market and outcome with an easy-to-follow dashboard. High bets will still be accepted as pending trader’s approval before the end of the match. Set up event suspension rules to prevent unexpected cash flows.

Player profiling with instant betting and financial highlights

Managing online Sportsbook software with high bet frequency used to be hard, but with BOOKIE it’s easy. Neatly blueprinted account take-outs identify abrupt changes and detection routines. Retrieve and sort player accounts with an array of search conditions.

Gain business insight with a consolidated analytics toolkit

Oversee your revenue with the industry's finest breakdown reporting. Line up markets, countries and leagues to discover what brings you the most profit. Dig deeper on any level for in-depth research. Adjust marketing strategies for the best ROI.

Foremost betting history report with an advanced drill-down navigation

The BOOKIE Sportsbook software bet analysis environment has a sophisticated filtering and sorting palette. Pull up massive amounts of data with premium performance and flexibility. Dig through accurate wagering lists to explore bet insights and proactively identify punters.

Real-time ticker for bet bucketing and player limits supervision

Be notified on bet beats and decline over-limit bets when required. With integrated filters and audio alerts, your traders can take immediate action and maintain line balance control. Constrain operators to risk levels for effective process separation.

Eliminating the chance factor in your operation with a discreet limit boundary

Define groups and limits on player accounts to align your returns. Colorize groups for intuitive monitoring of incoming traffic. Personalize selected players with individual risk and safe limit tuning.

Odds compilation & data feeds

Odds security is the key to a successful bookie business

BOOKIE provides fixtures, real-time odds and live score updates from more than 30 online Sportsbooks. Our low-latency applications ensure a one-second refresh time after the bookmakers of your choice publish their odds.

Comprehensive market movements are monitored and controlled by our in-house traders. Odds are provided around the clock and up to 20 days in advance. Data is delivered with accuracy and speed to avoid arbitrage situations.

The BOOKIE odds feed has been designed purely for Sportsbooks. We understand the problem, and we know where the bottleneck occurs – this is what makes our services unique.

The BOOKIE Sportsbook software data module is universal, allowing easy integration with almost any bookmaker or sports information provider.

Trading surface to get your markets moving instantly with git

Highly developed line-making tools automatically generate and balance 50+ markets based on your initial odds. Traders have a complete view of their risk, which they can filter if required.

Book on local tournaments for the highest retention level

You know your local market better than anyone. A consolidated, multi-lingual directory of leagues and teams across 20 sports events can be created in a few clicks. Our odds compiler routines shorten and streamline the operation.

Build and maintain a unique and highly targeted market framework

Supervise BOOKIE Sportsbook software market coverage and easily deploy new events, branded with your name. Restrict use of scopes and wagers wherever needed, and pre-define default limits to be applied for newly created events.

Grade all of your player bets on-the-fly and in synch with the game

With only a match score, BOOKIE Sportsbook software settles up to 50 markets in the background right after the score is displayed. Do it manually and rollback the result to re-settle markets at any time.

Reach your business target with a profit-consistent margin unit

Be confident in both regular and live in-play wagering. Set up your margin from sports to markets for real-time, secure trading. Odds are accurately shaped, double checked and offered to players.

Integrated API

You can access BOOKIE Sportsbook software in any language on any platform and device. BOOKIE provides a suite of standards-based APIs designed for different purposes. Available methods include:

  • Export lines (fixtures, odds and scores)
  • Create or delete player accounts
  • Manage player accounts
  • Deposit / withdraw funds
  • Bet placements
  • Betting history exports

Third-party integration

Rich API means a secure connection with any third-party Gaming Platform, Casino or a Poker Room. Ready-to-use plugins for a number of providers are built-in.

Technical features

  • Fully scalable hardware architecture including load balancing, failover and backup procedures
  • LAMP-based software (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)


  • Easy integration and management
  • Fully featured WYSIWYG editor
  • Media support

Payment processing

  • Online and manual payment processing
  • Plug-in based; easy integration routines
  • Seven pre-integrated payment processors


Offer outstanding sports entertainment for your players that lets them stay on top of late-breaking sporting action in real time from anywhere. Powerful as a Sportsbook software, our brick-and-mortar mobile application moves your business forward for the highest return.

  • Integrated payment processing
  • Live in-play betting
  • Multitasking and touch-screen functionalities
  • Place a bet in just three clicks!
  • Web-based and compatible with all browsers
  • Tailored for all screen sizes and resolutions
  • No download or installation required
  • Customizable compatibility for older handsets

BOOKIE is backed up by more than 100 R&D man-years. Interested?

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