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Trade on anything with no
operational risk. Create a
liquid market that is both fair
for your customers and
profitable for you.

Effortless Betting Exchange

Robust. Easy. Secure. Reliable.

BOOKIE Betting Exchange Software is an innovative and modern sports betting model with no operational risk. Start from the ground up and turn to a world-class gaming service with advanced exposure and liquidity management tools.

Simple, lightning-fast player interface

Hassle-free. Easy. Intuitive. International.

BOOKIE offers a uniquely tailored, comprehensive front-end interface, designed for ease and flexibility so your players can stay focused on the game. BOOKIE Betting Exchange Software works great for both local and global markets.

Make the most out of your advertising with an engaging betting exchange software

BOOKIE keeps your players on the same page and instantly in touch with all market movements for an unbeatable trading experience. Our AJAX-powered software is lightweight and has been cross-tested in all major browsers for a maximum return from your campaigns.

Offer your players a comprehensive toolkit for seamless wagering

Insuring self-exclusion statuses, security reports, financial breakdown, real-time betting history, announcement boards, and dozens of other features power our stellar betting exchange account management area.

Betting Exchange general features:

  • Multiple language support with 10 completed translations
  • Multiple currency support (all currencies supported)
  • All odds formats supported (American, Decimal, Malay, Hong Kong)

The number of events is the key to a successful bookmaker business.

BOOKIE provides fixtures, starting times and live score updates on more than 15 sports and 700 leagues, starting from up to four weeks in advance.

Drive trading by using event templates. Set up wagering schemes to automatically populate newly created fixtures with predefined markets and liquidity as an option.

Goals are scored fast, so our team is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve you better with the highest security as our gold standard.

Ensure your business success with Interexchange, the industry's most innovative risk
management app

Start operation as a transparent skin of the world's biggest player-to-player betting exchange With no risk or exposure, build a loyal customer base – fast. With a minimum hardware and maintenance investment, Interexchange proxies event data accurately, with a latency of a ping.

Define margin rates and profit from every player's bet

Interexchange alters original offers with your incentives, and hedges lower stakes at higher odds. No matter if it’s a Back or Lay, Win or Loss – your commission stays fixed.

Your business is secured from day one

Switch to a stand-alone betting exchange software as soon as betting traffic volume is achieved. All your players' bets are backed up in a secure local database.

Control Panel made easy

BOOKIE provides you with the tools you need to provide the best level of sevice your players. With a straightforward back-end, you will have a total peace of mind while managing your entire business.

Schedule single and repeated events with advanced fixture creation and management

Events can be created in a few clicks using a consolidated multi-language directory of leagues and teams across 20 sports. Going beyond standard sport, BOOKIE also lets you schedule repeated financial or entertainment events.

Feed liquid markets to engage your customers

The Market Volume Manager allows you to set initial odds for both pre-match and live in-play events. You can match player bets in which you have an interest and get an immediate real-time view of your exposure.

Take control of your players with a feature-rich account management interface

Maintaining large customer bases with heavy betting traffic used to be hard, but with BOOKIE Betting Exchange Software it's easy. Simply choose your groups, categories and filters to get an immediate real-time view with drill-down links and compound reporting.

Diversify revenue sources with a complete partner management toolkit

Scale your operation globally or expand into lucrative new local markets. Optimize banner campaigns with geographic and language targeting. Track marketing results with powerful reports.

Gain the insights of your business with seamless reporting and liability tracking

Dashboard panels reflect the real-time status of your betting business at a glance. Dig deeper with compound reporting by wager, player, market or country. Exposure analytics with present liability allows for effective what-if modeling and filtering.

Integrated API

You can access BOOKIE Betting Exchange Software in any language on any platform and device. BOOKIE provides a suite of standards-based APIs designed for different purposes. Available methods include:

  • Export lines (fixtures, odds and scores)
  • Create or delete player accounts
  • Manage player accounts
  • Deposit / withdraw funds
  • Bet placement
  • Betting history export


BOOKIE Sportsbook is compatible with any platform, casino provider or poker room

Technical features

  • Fully scalable hardware architecture including load balancing, failover and backup procedures
  • LAMP-based software (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)


  • Easy integration and management
  • Fully featured WYSIWYG editor
  • Media support

Payment processing

  • Online and manual payment processing
  • Plug-in based; easy integration routines
  • Seven pre-integrated payment processors

BOOKIE is backed up by more than 100 R&D man-years. Interested?

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