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Brinning your players the casino action with undeniably exciting games collection

Slot Machines

Table Games


Power your site with a treasure trove of exciting games. Vibrant graphics, bonus games and ambient sound engage your players like never before.

All of the world’s best-known card games in one unified gameplay experience. Realistic casino atmosphere for immersive and exciting game perception.

Enthrall your gamers with superior and accurate physics-based visuals. 3D animation brings the thrill of the casino floor to players in a new way.

Launch and sustain a profitable casino business

BOOKIE Casino software is a new generation online entertainment service focused on bringing social intelligence to your operation. It is a perfect solution for a successful startup as well as the enhancement of an existing online casino.

Web based and hosted

Get up and running in minutes. Focus 100% on marketing, and never think about servers, apps or developers again.

Play for fun

Bring on novice players to leverage new games and turn your traffic into consistent profits with ease.

New content

We are on schedule to deliver a new game each month to generate sustainable and healthy Player Lifetime Values.

Concurrent connections

Drive traffic without limits - if you need more, simply drag-n-drop on triggers to scale your distributed cloud.


Super-charge your sales with a sophisticated and time-proven marketing suite with laser-accurate reporting breakdowns.

Fraud detection

Review consolidated, real-time information on every new signup with our integrated personal data verification module.

International friendly

All of our games are fully translated into 24 languages, with new languages being added on a regular basis.

Generic API

Deploy your models and game logic for a unique experience and total player excitement.

Technical support

Our skilled and friendly customer service team is on duty around the clock to answer all your questions.

Explore BOOKIE Casino software back-end:

An outstanding management suite for seamless operation of the entire gaming business. Access key data and tools in a high-performance query processing environment. Large, complex data pools are concurred by mashup architecture covered by the collaborative interface.

Real-time reporting

Track your efficiency with a drill-down to details for in-depth research and modeling

Betting History

Dig through clean, clear and accurate real-time betting data with an advanced filtering palette


Analyze business performance with flexible dashboards and data visualization at a glance

Game setup

Empower games through custom rules, limits and credits with an intuitive wizard-driven interface


Manage your static pages faster and easier with a straightforward content management system

Member profiling

Set up operator accounts with group-based permissions for effective project management

Bonus management

Boost your sign-up rate with lucrative incentives targeted by geography and time zone

Partner program

Extend your success with a comprehensive and feature-rich affiliate add-on module


Use trending analytics in promo campaign planning for a maximum return on investment

Account management

BOOKIE Casino software sets the highest priority for both technical and customer support service. In addition to our 24/7 help desk, you will be assigned an experienced account manager who will work closely with your company from the very beginning to realize the business potential of our partnership.

Disaster recovery

BOOKIE Casino software disaster recovery naturally fits a state-of-the-art, ironclad cloud infrastructure built by our industry-leading expert team. In the event of a disaster that could suddenly threaten your operation, a failover cluster in a different location will be up and running instantly.