Fair Gaming

BOOKIE offers your the tools
and services you need to make
sure that the gaming experience
is fair for everyone involved.

Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is the main focus of the BOOKIE experience, and we live up to our responsibilities to players, operators and regulators. We do our part to protect the reputation of our industry while helping our customers develop legal and ethical gaming platforms and business strategies. We believe that responsible gaming will help preserve the industry and protect everyone involved in the gaming experience – which is why all of our decisions are based on the idea of fair play for operators and regulators under full industry compliance.

Fraud detection. Advanced fraud prevention and detection suite with transaction filters and IP tools is dedicated to tracing a suspicious activity across all channels. Know who, when and how many times they sign up, log in, make a deposit, and place a bet.

Age verification. Integrated personal data verification module confirms that each and every player is of legal age in their jurisdiction. With clean and accurate world-wide database, you can verify credentials and make sure that only responsible adults are able to play.

Limits. An engaging entertainment environment must remain safe and secure, protecting people from being obsessed with playing games of chance. Let your players set their own stop loss limits daily, weekly, monthly or per session.

Deposit and session limits. Players can limit their combined deposits per period, which can be overridden. With a session time and game play timers, your players will be notified with an alert when the limit has been reached.

Bet limits. Players can set maximum bet limits for themselves. A single-bet limit sets a maximum for how much they can wager on a single bet. Time-based bet limits set a maximum for how much they can wager during a given time period.

Self-exclusion tools. Our self-exclusion tools allow players to close the account for a period of one day to one year, whenever they feel it is important to do so. The account will remain frozen until the end date and will not be reactivated under any circumstances.

Our software is built around a fully-integrated management system that is dedicated to locking in fair, legal play that protects both operators and players. We have embedded systems and controls that help prevent compulsive usage and keep out underage players. These controls are put in place across all platforms and games with the sole focus on ensuring fair play that is also fully compliant with the most up-to-date industry regulations. This provides sophisticated safety and security to everyone involved.

We help players protect themselves with transparent tools including self-exclusion options, an interface for compulsive gamblers, and time-out tools. We also have state of the art age verification tools to make sure that children are not able to access the gaming platform.

With these systems in place, players will feel confident that they are dealing with responsible operators dedicated to fair play and that they have a reasonable chance of winning in a safe, secure online environment.

If you have any additional questions about how BOOKIE interacts with regulators, operators and the gaming community as a whole, please contact us. Thank you.